A Special Father Daughter Dance

Something Powerful

Every bride grows up thinking about the time she will dance with her father at her wedding. Every father watches his daughter grow into a beautiful woman, knowing he will one day watch her walk down the aisle and give her away to begin a new life with her spouse. The father-daughter dance is a special tradition, and we found a great video that sums up the emotion at this special part of any wedding celebration.

Fair warning, you may want a tissue! The background is this: the father of the bride passed away from pancreatic cancer just weeks before the wedding. Knowing that she wouldn’t ever have a chance to have the father-daughter dance, the bride’s brother recorded one of their dad’s favorite songs, Butterfly Kisses. The song is played while the bride dances with the important men in her family, including her grandfather, her brothers, and eventually her father-in-law to commemorate the special day.

Here's your last chance to grab some Kleenex…

Wow. Were you able to hold it together? Or did you lose it, like us?! 

The Company Band knows how important these moments are. You have a short time on this earth, and want to remember every single important detail about you special day. Let us set the stage for an unforgettable father-daughter dance, and for the whole party afterwards. Contact us today to begin planning your memory-making event!


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