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5 Rocking Party Themes You Should Consider

Posted by Noc Hickman

January 13, 2015 6:02:06 PM EST

Are you planning a party? Whether it’s a birthday bash for one of your kids or a retirement party for your parents, planning a party can be stressful. How do you pick a theme? Where do you find music? Do you make food or order it from a caterer? Where do you find decorations? While we can’t help you with food or decorations, we can help you come up with a theme and pick some music to match that theme. Here are the top five rocking party themes that are perfect for little kid and adult parties alike.

  1. James Bond Party – Nothing can match the classic cool of James Bond. He’s the epitome of style and class and your guests will love dressing up in tuxes and fancy dresses and playing spy games. The drinks take care of themselves (martinis, shaken, not stirred), and because James Bond’s story has spanned multiple decades, you can pick party music from just about any decade you like. A great way to get an excellent variety of live music is to hire a hand. A party band can tailor their set to the theme of your party and you might even be able to convince them to learn the James Bond theme song or Adele’s “Skyfall,” from the latest James Bond movie.  Bond_party


  1. Retro Glam – Do you have a favorite decade in history? Whether you believe that you were born in the wrong time or just like the music, hairstyles, and clothes from a particular decade, this can be a great theme for your party. Throw a roaring 20’s party and go sparkly with the decorations and jazzy with the music. Aim for the 50’s and throw and a good old fashioned sock hop. Hiring a good cover band for this event is probably the best way to get a reliable soundtrack for your party. You can likely find a cover band that specializes either in a special band or has a range of tracks from a specific decade. If you’re doing a decade-specific party, be sure to discuss that with the band before signing them on. 80_Party


  1. Masquerade – A masquerade party never gets old. Whether you love dressing up or just like the mystery of the masks and the music, your friends will flip for this party theme. It’s not hard to put together, either. If you’re planning a party for kids, the first half of the party can even be making their masquerade masks out of felt and craft supplies. For adults, it’s just as much fun to have a masquerade ball with all the romance of the time period, as it is to have an updated bash with masquerade themes but modern music.masquerade


  1. Casino Party – Everyone loves going to the casino! There are few things classier than dressing up and visiting the casino, and this theme is easy to pull off, whether you want a classic Casino Royale theme or a modern, upscale Vegas bash, right in the comfort of your own home. Set up a few tables for games and make sure there is plenty of alcohol and snacks to go around. You might even be able to rent a roulette or craps set if you really want to go all out with this theme. If you want to hire a band, ask them to stick to lounge tunes and other upbeat, but low key numbers.casino_party-004952-edited


  1. Night in Paris – What could be better than a night in Paris? It’s another opportunity to get everyone dressed to the nines and enjoying games and banter. Even if you’ve never been to Paris, there’s a good chance that someone in your circle of friends has who can advise you on what kind of food to serve and proper decorations. If you really want to embody the charm of the most romantic city in the world, you’ll need to hire a band that can play a full slate of songs about love. A good cover band is a great way to incorporate the energy of live music with the atmosphere of these theme.Night_in_Paris-471446-edited


Any one of these themes could make a fun party, and once you have the theme and music lined up, everything else usually falls into place. If you’re still not sure which theme will be the most fun for your guests, don’t be afraid to ask the group. The most enthusiastic among them can probably even be drafted into the planning and decorating process.  

What's your favorite kind of party theme?  Please feel free to leave your ideas in our comments section below.  

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