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5 Ways Renting A Stage Can Enhance Your Event

Posted by Noc Hickman

December 27, 2014 1:43:00 AM EST


There are lots of reasons why you may choose not to rent a stage for the band at your event, but we'd suggest considering these 5 ways renting a stage can enhance your party before making your final decision.   

Unless you've hired the likes of U2 or Prince for your next private event (both have custom built stages), chances are you are going to be faced with decision to rent a stage once you've chosen a band for your event.  While some bands will not play without a stage, others tend to be a little more lenient and leave that decision up to you.  But before you think you're saving money by not renting one, consider these advantages of having one.  

1. Safety                                                               Great band on Stage Chapel Hill

A stage is a clear separation point between the band and the audience.  It's gives the band a clean line of boundaries of where to set their equipment and your audience a clean boundary of how far they go into the band's space.  Tripping over speakers, knocking over speakers, and even bodily injury can be avoided by setting these boundaries with a stage.  After all, safety should be effortless.  If you have rocking band, chances are the crowd with want to get pretty close to them.  The amount of people may even force your guests to be close to the band.  Regular announcements of "Can everyone please take a step back" may ruin some of the fun.  Although you should hire a band with insurance, it's a good idea to think about safety on your end as well.  

2. Quality of Photos                                                         Wedding Band that learns first dances

A stage creates layers in your room layout that are great for photos!  It even gives your photographers a vantage point to take photos a at great angles.  Depending on how large your room is and how many guests you have, having your band on a stage will only enhance the look of everything.  

3. Seeing Each Other                                   Jewish wedding Band

Let's face it.  If you wanted to only hear the music, you'd hire a DJ or play an IPod.  The visual effects of a band are just as important what they sound like.  Seeing a band move and play their instruments is a part of whole band experience.  Seeing the band perform brings an energy to the party that cannot be matched by a recording of the music.  It's also great for the band to see ALL of the crowd... not the few people in the front of the crowd.  Seeing all of the crowd gives the band more energy to feed off of, and inevitably encourages a better performance.  

4.  People Pay Attention                                                  Band that Emcees Band that MCs

"We'd like invite the CEO up to the stage for some words!" or "Now we will have a toast by the father of the bride"  Let's face it...People attention when they can see what's going on.  Sometimes when guest can only hear announcements and not what see what is going on, they tend to pay less attention and continue their conversation about "Ohio/Wisconsin Game" or "the man no one seem to know at table 8."  If you have a band with an emcee to be seen and heard consider renting a stage.  

5.  Better Sound                                                 band with sound

Ever wonder why bands put speakers on stands?  Because when sound is elevated, it is spread more evenly across the room.  When a band is playing on the floor, sound becomes absorbed by the people on the dance floor.  Great bands depend less on the sound man and play according to what they hear around them.  If your band can make the stage area sound great, they'll actually require less sound equipment while elevated....transmitting the true bliss to you and your guests!  


Many venues, including hotels and country clubs, have options in their rental packages for stages.  It may be a good idea to ask them if they have one before looking at outside sources.  A stage is not a good idea for every room or venue, so be sure to ask your event planner or coordinator their opinion.  


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