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Most Requested Mother Son Dances

Posted by Noc Hickman

November 18, 2015 6:31:36 PM EST

Here are our most requested Mother/Son Dances of 2015.  

It's often difficult for a groom and his mother to select with the right song to dance to at a wedding.  It may be a challenge because a son/mother relationship often has more meaning than one song can cover.  However, here are several songs that have stood the test of time.

Our most requested songs include:

Most Requested Mother Son Dances


10. Do I Make You Proud - Taylor Hicks 

This less popular tune sung by the 2006 American Idol.  The lyrics, however, may be the perfect match for the right mom/son.  

9. Mama - Lunch Money Lewis

If you are looking for something, fun, hip, and upbeat, here it is!  

8. Love Me Like A Rock - Paul Simon

Paul Simon is known for putting that "soul" into his music.  In this one, you will find more than his others.  Reflective of the churchy quartet style this song is cool to dance to.

7. What a Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong

Eloquent lyrics, timeless melody, and staple, this song touches heart every time!  When in doubt, dance to classic!  

6. A Mothers Song - T Carter

For the super sentimental, here you.  Just know that this one may cause few tears. 

5. Days Like This - Van Morrison

This Van Morrison classic never gets old!   

4. Through The Years - Kenny Rogers

No choreography needed for this one.  Some of the lyrics can easily be changed by a good band to reflect the moment.  It's a bit on long side but a band or DJ can shorten it to fit you preference.  another classic!

3. How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You - James Taylor

Fun and recognizable, your guests will sing right along while dancing to this one.  The alternate versions by      Marvin Gaye and Michael Buble' are great too!  

2. Forever Young - Bod Dylan

A song of best wishes.  One of most requested Mother/Son songs EVER. 

1. A Song For Mama - Boyz 2 Men

An easy "two step" with a groove, this song by the 1990's Motown quartet group is not only an expression of of a son endearment of's a great song along! 

What could be cooler than this list of Mother/Son songs?  How about a band that can play any of them LIVE?

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