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Enjoy a Sober St. Patrick’s Day

Posted by Sarah Lockwood

March 16, 2017 9:16:13 PM EDT

Typically when St. Patrick’s Day comes to mind, you think of an all day drink-til-you-drop boozefest. And as someone who doesn’t drink, that understandably turns you off. Contrary to popular belief, you are not alone on your quest to maintain sobriety on St. Patrick’s Day. For various reasons, such as being a parent or getting past an addiction, many people are choosing not to drink on one of the most alcohol-driven days of the year. Here are a few ways you can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day without drinking!


Host a Sober St. Patrick’s Day event

Yes, this is actually a thing! Sober St. Patrick’s Day is a non-profit organization that is focused on providing an alcohol-free, family-friendly party environment for those who wish to celebrate the holiday. For the last 6 years, St. Patrick’s Day celebrators have gathered in New York City to enjoy the entertainment of world class musicians, singers and dancers. Other cities such as Dublin, Richmond, VA and Belfast have all joined in on the fun by hosting similar Sober St. Patrick’s Day events. If your city has yet to catch on to the trend, don’t worry! You can actually be the person to host your city’s very first Sober St. Patrick’s Day party. The committee responsible for this great celebration invites individuals and organizations in different cities to host events with ease! For a nominal licensing fee you will be able to use the Sober St. Patrick’s Day name and you will be provided support for all of your marketing, funding and planning needs! Not only will hosting one of these parties keep you aligned with your values, you will also be providing a safe, healthy alternative for those in your town who are looking to celebrate sans alcohol! Start a new tradition in your city that will be enjoyed for many years to come!


Offer a helping hand

Although you are abstaining from liquor on St. Patrick’s Day, chances are you have some friends and family members who will be doing just the opposite. Nearly one-third of all traffic-related deaths are caused by drunk drivers. The best way to encourage your loved ones to drink responsibly is to be their designated driver for the day. Providing this act of kindness will give you peace of mind because you know your friends will be in good hands and the likelihood of an accident occurring will decline drastically. Helping someone is one of the most selfless ways you can spend the holiday.


Have an Irish-themed dinner party

If you want to avoid the St. Patrick’s Day madness at all costs, invite a few guests over to have dinner! Nothing celebrates the tradition of the Irish more than cooking a delicious dinner from scratch. Dig deep into their culture by straying away from Irish-American dishes and aim for a more traditional spread. Try your hand at making Irish stew or colcannon, which are widely popular dishes among those native to Ireland.


Search online to find a few recipes you like, then roll up your sleeves and get to work! Give yourself a few days prior to the party to experiment and make sure that everything tastes just right. On party day, invite your guests to dress in traditional Irish garb, and decorate your home in a St. Patrick’s Day theme. Once the party is over, the fun doesn’t have to end! Make it a point to turn the dinner party into a tradition by either hosting at your home every year or passing the torch to a friend or family member.


Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day was never intended to be an all day drinking event. By making your own new traditions, you can begin to feel included in the holiday and stay true to what matters most to you!

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